Thursday, March 6, 2014

Most Popular Web 2.0 Websites

Every blogger and SEO master knows that about web2.0. It's excellent platform for making valuable backlink. These are public opinion. But I don't think so. Web2.0 is essential not valuable. Anyway, come to the point. When you will make a free website in Google blogger then you get 0 page rank but it not so fair, because blogger= page rank 9 and you= page rank 0. Now you will tell me what's matter? Web 2.0 back link is like that. When you create a web 2.0 profile then create a simple back link. Never I can't say that it's not need. I also said that it's essential not precious. Google likes it so you can create it. Anyway, before creating back links, we should keep one thing in our mind, that is page rank of website where creating the back links. Google always give more importance to those back links which comes from high PR. If you want to create some web.20 back link, please click below these link. 7 6 6 6


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